According to the tariff annex of BKK’s Terms and Conditions as from 1 January 2013:

Passengers are subject to a HUF 16,000 fine if they:
  • travel without a ticket or pass; with an invalid ticket or pass or travelling certificate, or they use any type of concession (travel discount) without entitlement,
  • travel with a pass on which the number of a valid student ID, personal photo ID or a card-format driving licence or the number of a valid BKK ID is not written clearly in ink, or the BKK ID or the student ID is not filled in or not valid, or the stops of departure and destination are not stamped on the HÉV pass,
  • abuse a seven-day travel card,
  • transport a dog, bicycle or oversized object without paying the extra fare, or they abuse tickets, passes or stickers,
  • transport a bicycleor an oversized object in a vehicle in which it is not allowed,
  • transport hand luggage or an oversized object that does not meet the allowed criteria,
  • themselves ortheir hand luggage, oversized object or their animals pollute the vehicle,
  • unjustified use of the emergency alarm ,
  • do not follow the rules contained in the Terms and Conditions.
If you pay the fine immediately on the spot, the amount decreases from HUF 16,000 to HUF 8,000.
The ticket inspector must provide you with a receipt for the fine.

SAMPLE RECEIPT for the fine paid on the spot:

Please, note! If you pay the fine on the spot, your name, your address, etc. will not be registered at all. This is why in this case a later refund of the fine (or presenting your pass afterwards) is not possible as a general rule. If needed, examinations can take place.

Deferred payment is only available for passengers with a permanent residence in Hungary. If you do not have a permanent address in Hungary, you have to pay on the spot.

If the passenger does not pay the fine on the spot, the ticket inspector initiates a fining procedure (thus offering the opportunity of deferred payment). In this case the inspector is entitled to ask the required personal data (name, mother's name, date and place of birth) and also the address of the passenger. On the basis of these data, the ticket inspector fills in a Surcharging Procedure Report.

The fine is no longer concidered as ‘fine on the spot’, if it is paid in our Surcharge Office.

If the passenger refuses to give his/her personal data, the ticket inspector is entitled to ask for police assistance on the spot.

The ticket inspector gives a cheque for the amount of the fine and a leaflet about the modes of payment. The passenger shall sign a document indicating the acceptance of the fine and of the disclosure of personal data.. The refusal by the passenger to sign the document and to accept the cheque means no exemption from the consequences of the fining.

If you do have a valid pass with photo ID or a student pass with a valid student ID that are valid at the time of the ticket inspection (bought previously!) but you cannot present it, you have the possibility of presenting it within two workdays at the appropriate ticket office by paying a pass presentation fee of HUF 2,000 while in case of annual, quarterly and semester passes, the fee is HUF 1,000. (Only if you have a permanent address in Hungary!) This way the fining procedure will be terminated. You can use the possibility of pass presentation only twice in a calendar year provided you have no outstanding fine payment. This limitation does not apply for the holders of the 'Reduced price annual Budapest pass' and the 'Annual all-line Budapest pass'. The monthly pass-slip purchased after the start of the surcharging procedure is not acceptable for later presentation. If you are entitled to travel free of charge or you have a valid ticket or pass, but you are not in the possession of a valid ticket or pass for your bicycle, you cannot present your bicycle pass (sticker) any time later.

If you are entitled to travel free of charge on the basis of the current government decree, but cannot verify this fact at the time of ticket inspection, the surcharging procedure terminates if you present the documents verifying the right for travel free of charge at the surcharge Office within two working days by paying the administration fee of HUF 1,000. You can use the possibility of pass presentation only twice a calendar year provided you have no outstanding fine payment.

If the ticket inspector recalls the pass slip and/or the pass ID at the time of ticket inspection, presenting the pass or payment of the surcharge within two working days is not possible.
The passenger who does not pay the fine of HUF 16,000 within 30 days is obliged to pay an additional HUF 16,000 as a late payment fee and an administration fee of HUF 500, i.e. a total of HUF 32,500 .