Terms and Conditions of Travelling

Please comply with the Terms and Conditions of Travelling applicable on the whole operational area of the Chairlift. 
Only tickets purchased at the BKV ticket vending machines located at the terminuses of the Chairlift are valid for travel. The ticket vending machines accept major credit cards, bank cards, coins and banknotes. However, please note that the change cannot be given in certain instances, so please pay exact fare.
No other tickets or passes of BKK (Budapest pass, bus ticket, etc.), or any other documents (including ID-cards of 65+ aged EU citizens) are accepted. The ticket is valid for an uphill and a downhill journey. All tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase.  Please, note that lost tickets cannot be replaced. If requested, please hand over your ticket for validation by the attendant.
Small children under the age of 3 may travel free of charge sitting in an adult’s lap; children from age 3 up to 18 (until the day prior to their 19th birthday) are entitled to buy a discounted ticket. Children under 10 years of age must travel accompanied by an adult in possession of a full price ticket. 19 years old or older passengers travel only with a full-price ticket. Pensioner discount is not available.

Tickets are refunded only in the case of service disruptions or cancellation due to a technical breakdown, power cut or other external reasons (such as weather condition not permitting safe operation). Partial refunds are available for the remaining section of the journey in the amount of the non-traveled Chairlift ticket (100 or 50%). In case the ticket cannot be started during the hours of operation on the day of purchase, the ticket will be valid for the remaining section of the journey within one year. 

The transport capacity of each double chair is:

  • max. 2 adults
  • one adult with up to 2 children under the age of 10
  • one adult with one child under the age of 10 may carry a piece of hand-luggage (e.g. baby carriage)

Please, be aware that the chairs are in motion even while passengers embark or disembark, so please be careful and use the Chairlift at your own risk. Our attendants will help at the stations, and will even slow down the Chairlift, should it be necessary. The safety bar of the chair must be lowered and kept in a lowered position during the full journey. (If needed, correct usage can be tried on the demo-chair located at the waiting area of the lower station in Zugliget.)
Entering the closed-off technical service area is forbidden, therefore, passengers need to get off at both stations in every case even if they have return tickets. To start a return trip, even holders of return tickets must join the queue at the boarding area again.
Transportation of hand luggage, skis, sleds, baby carriages, children’s bicycles:
Each passenger in possession of a valid ticket is allowed to transport up to one piece of hand luggage not exceeding the size of 40x50x60cm and the weight of 10kg as well as a pair of skis, ski sticks free of charge. Baby carriages can be transported in a folded state as hand luggage by an adult holding a full price ticket. A children’s bicycle not exceeding the size of hand luggage or one sled may be carried as hand luggage by passengers over the age of 10.  It is not allowed to transport hand luggage that is heavier, bigger in size or number than described above nor any other items (e.g. a bicycle) even if paying extra. The lack of safe travel conditions may result the refusal of transporting hand luggage or in the exclusion of passengers from travel. In these cases the ticket will be refunded.
Transportation of live animals (e.g. small dog) is allowed only in a closed container not exceeding the permitted hand luggage size and requires a full-price ticket. The passenger transporting the animal bears full responsibility and must ensure that the animal remains in the container during the journey. Deviation from this rule is strictly prohibited!
The Chairlift may be closed at any time for any duration due to unsafe weather conditions.
On the premises of the stations it is not allowed to

  • remain beyond the opening hours
  • engage in any sales activity without permission
  • post any signs or notices
  • staying at the boarding area without a valid ticket
  • disturb others with noisy or any other discomforting activity
  • behave in an unruly way
  • access the boarding area without a valid ticket

While travelling it is forbidden to

  • smoke
  • eat, drink
  • lift up the safety bar
  • stand on the chair or the foot-rest, to lean forward excessively
  • swing the chairs
  • throw litter or any object from the chair
  • damage the cableway and its equipment

The following customers will be excluded from travel

  • who is unable to present a valid ticket for boarding
  • who behave in an inappropriate and disturbing manner
  • children under the age of 10 without and accompanying adult holding a full-price ticket
  • persons with significantly reduced mobility
  • persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • who wish to transport an object not qualified as hand luggage according to the operator’s judgement
  • who wish to board with ice-cream , an opened bottle, can or a cup of drink

Please, comply with the Terms and Conditions of Travelling and follow the instructions by the operator to ensure a safe travel experience. We reserve the right to prevent non-complying customers from travelling. Customers causing damage will be subject to prosecution with no exceptions. The operator shall not be held liable. 
Have a pleasant journey!