Relax in the parks

If you don’t feel like or don’t have time for undertaking a longer hike, you may refill your everyday green dose in the parks of Budapest.

If the four walls weigh on your mind and you happen to have half an hour, find a park near at hand, have your lunch there, enjoy a good read in the green or just stare around and relax. Here you can give a refreshing treat to your eyes weary of work and monitor: Vérmező, Városliget, Népliget, Mechwart park, Városmajor, Nehru-part, Tabán, Gellért-hill, the lakeside of Feneketlen tó, Margit island, Szent István park, Népsziget, Károlyi-kert, Erzsébet square, Millenáris, Orczy-kert, Római-part, Hajógyári island etc… Discover your green haunt!