László Szedlmajer

Bus and Trolleybus Operations Deputy CEO


He graduated as a transport engineer at the Budapest University of Technology. Previously he worked at MATÁV, subsequently, he participated in several transportation projects. He worked on the quality improvement program of the public transport information technology system at FŐMTERV Rt., later on he was involved in different parking automation projects at Siemens Rt.
He has been working for BKV Zrt since 2002, first as a developing engineer, later as a technical secretary and lately as the Tram Traffic Chief Engineer. From 2004 he took part in a 4-semester Junior Manager Training Program organized by BKV Zrt. In addition he is an examiner of tram drivers at the National Transport Authority and a member of the Hungarian Scientific Association for Transport.
He is committed to preserve the historic values and one of the main organizers for the museum and nostalgic events at BKV. He lives in Óbuda with his family as a father of two small kids.