Endre Szűcs

Security Director

He graduated from Police College, Criminal Faculty, then he gained further diplomas at the College of Finance and Accountancy and at Pécs University. He speaks English. Before his appointment as a Security Director of BKV – between 2008 and 2010 – he was the Deputy Head of Division for Defence Service of Police Forces in the Ministry of Justice and Police. Before this, after 2005 he held the position of chief executive of Defence Services of Police Forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for two years, then from 2007 he was the Head of Investigation Department of the Budapest 13th District Police Station. Between 1997-2004 he worked as Head of Criminal Department and Deputy Chief Constable of Budapest 1st District Police Station. He served 28 years as a professional policeman. He began his career as a staff ensign. As recognition of his excellent work and performance, he was promoted exceptionally in every case. The Minister of Justice and Police promoted him to police chief counsellor in 2008 and to police colonel in 2009.